There used to be this place.

There used to be this place where you could meet exciting and interesting people and exchange ideas with them, be inspired by them, be a little intimidated by them and test the waters for the places you wanted to explore in real life in the sand pit of a virtual world.

It was an exciting place and people were excited by it.

They used to call it a place for friends, but it wasn’t.  It was a place for strangers and that is what made it exciting.

It’s not that anymore and that makes me sad. What it is now is a place for the diehards, the ones who refuse to go. That’s admirable in its’ own way but it is also poisonous.

Because diehards are the ones least likely to change, to rock the boat, to make the place actually exciting again and that is what that place needs most – a culture of willingness to challenge stagnation.

They changed the way the place looked and felt but that isn’t why things failed. It wasn’t the change that was so bad, it was the challenge to the sense of entitlement that the users felt. They took the “my” part too seriously and acted like spoiled toddlers when they were told it wasn’t.  Those people would have gone, anyway, to some new shiny out there.  That’s the way people are.  I hope they are happy, I really do.   All things must pass.


I don’t go back there anymore. Hardly anyone I know does.  Good luck to the diehards, but this quiet little corner is where I am now.  This is, from now on, my space.


~ by 6119from37070 on April 24, 2012.

12 Responses to “There used to be this place.”

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  2. I think you make a good point. Maybe it has outlived it’s own time. We were just looking for any reason that it failed other than actually taking responsibility for it ourselves.

  3. I’m grieving with you, Rose. It wasn’t “the man” that killed MS, it was us. We let it down with our own greed and cupidity.

  4. I’m missing it too, Rosie love. They are trying but every time they take a step up they seem to take a step back. I just can’t bear to log on there anymore and be hit by a wall of the same old faces complaining about everything.

  5. It is a tragedy it had to end that way – but you can’t be sentimental. To everything there is a season and I am glad you have found your season here.

  6. Well, it was and it wasn’t, wasn’t it? There was definitely a lot of creepy stuff that went down and a lot of the time I kept thinking “these people really don’t want to help themselves”. Maybe, in the long run, it died the death it was always going to die.

  7. I think the “writer” people have gone and the “social” people remain. Which is nice for them, they can just keep patting each other on the back but there’s no real incentive to shake it up, is there? I hope something good comes from this small circle idea.

  8. It’s still there and there is still some nice wokr being done. But you are right, it is kind of stale and there’s the equivalent of old person smell about the place. It does need a shake up but i am not sure that even if it were shook up, it wouldn’t settle to be the same thing again anyway. It is good to see you still writing, Rose – you have a great gift.

  9. The folks who stick at MySpace are the salt of the earth – sweet, generous and faithful. But the final end is coming and I worry about them then. They deserve better.

  10. Nice to see you here with this little outcrop of writers, Rosie. I agree, MySpace has got stale and people don’t even seem to be trying to fix it anymore. I’m torn between giving it up altogether or using the complacency to double the shock value of my own work…

  11. It just died and that was Sad because there was still the basis for some good to come form it. but I hear you know who has left as well,s o maybe those who carry on can make a new world there. My bridges are burned, no matter how much i miss it.

  12. I’m glad this place is here.

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